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We believe that you are meant to thrive, not only survive.

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Overcome Anxiety

Fear to Love

Conquer Sugar Cravings

The Way of Peace

Blissful Sleep

Energy Cleansing 101

Create Energetic Boundaries

Addiction Recovery

Wondering who you are or who you're meant to be? It's time to remember!

Live Teachings

Our tribe leaders are active within our community and offer regular bonus content and live engagement.

  • Daily Live Streams

            Our "Soul Connection" moments are an ideal way to establish a consistent spiritual practice

  • Bi-Monthly Book Club

    Dive into a variety of books carefully chosen to support our healing, growth or expansion

  • Coaching Mastermind with Michael

    Join our monthly Coaching Mastermind to focus in on your soul's mission and create the energy for forward movement

  • Soul Elevating Discussion

    You have so much to offer and our community has much to offer you. Let's connect, share, uplift, and inspire.

Meet Our Tribe Leaders

You are a divine, radiant being. It's time to remember.

Michael is a master teacher, a powerful healer, and an inspiration to all who know him. He is the essence of what we are each striving to become

Working magic with the heart and soul, Melody has a way of getting in deep and supporting you through powerful healing and change.

Even MORE reasons to join the tribe:

Heart-Centered Healing

The content, teachings, and opportunities we offer are heart-focused & soul-led. With this approach, lasting healing is not only possible, it's happening every day

Teachings Wrapped With Love

Our goal is to guide you in developing your inner knowing. We offer teachings and instruction to help you discover the answers that are already within you

Deeper Personal Work

Discounted Private sessions with our tribe leaders are available exclusively to members. Many find this additional investment valuable for deeper and more personal work


Whether you choose to stay within our membership site only or venture into our Facebook community, you will be held and supported by accepting, loving souls


Our love-offering based subscription allows you to choose the option that is in alignment with your ability to pay. For less than the cost of one private session, you receive mountains of value


Who said healing and personal growth has to be inconvenient? You can connect, heal, expand, and elevate on the go and in the comfort of your home

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